Like, I Don’t Really, Like, Like Like

Standing in the hall, waiting for the preceding class to vacate:

Rachel: “Like, what did you guys do this weekend?”

Ashley: “We, uhh, like went to this like bar, where there was, like, a band and we kinda, like, hung out there for awhile, and then we, like, you know, went back to Bill’s, like, apartment.”

Rachel: “That sounds really, like, cool.”

In the classroom, as a question is asked:

Constance: “Professor C******, is there like any relationship between, like, Hinduism, and, like, Christianity? Because, like, it seems that there is, like, a common theme between, like, Vishnu and God.”

Like, when will this colloquialism finally die the death it so richly deserves, and most deservedly needs? I don’t like it……..


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