The Freshness of Youth

Among the many challenges involved in a return to academe, there occassionally arise moments of surprise and pleasure. Such was the situation today.

Sitting in my English class, discussing a new poem, the professor was asking questions and guiding us through an analysis of what is considered by many literary experts to be a very dense, difficult poem. As we struggled to interpret the poet’s mind, perhaps dimly aware that many great people had tried to do the same with little success, a small femal voice emerged, hesitantly offering her thoughts to the classroom discussion. And provided a moment of great insight!

And it was an insight that had avoided the craters of my aged mind.

Yet again teaching me that wisdom comes to all ages, and oft it is that true wisdom can come from a life not yet lived in its fullness……and therefore is free to think in ways that time can often foreclose.

It’s great to be around college kids.


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