Sailing Along the Algebra Coast

The journey of rediscovery has, so far, taken us to a few very interesting places. One place is the Land of Algebra. It has a reputation as a fierce land, foreboding and harsh, unforgiving and unrelenting, a country that many must traverse on their journey to enlightenment. Few choose to live in Algebra, with good reason.

I have been to Algebra, but not in many years. The mists of time have erased many of my memories. What remains is of no use to me on my return visit.

For several weeks now, we have been navigating along the coastline of Algebra, searching for a safe place to land. From our vantage point, the rough coastline has hindered our view of the hinterland. Today, however, we landed at a place called Logarithm. Once ashore, we proceeded inland for a bit. What could not previously be seen is now clear. The inland areas of Algebra are even more terrifying than we thought when seen from the safety of our vessel. It is a land of confusion, of irrational numbers, full of inverse relationships to things that do not make sense even in other lands. It is rooted in functions that we cannot comprehend. It is at once both Real and Imaginary. The future is incalculable, graphic, and indeterminate.

We are very afraid.


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“Life’s hard, son. It’s harder when you’re stupid.” — The Duke.

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