Summer’s End

We sat together at one summer’s end
And took it to heart that we’d only be friends.
We said all was well and we walked away
To haunting reminders of that summer’s day.

What seemed to be fixed now only seems broken
By the words that were then so easily spoken.
What once seemed to be what would set us both free
Now only gives way to a thirst not to be.

For if my old lover is now my friend,
Then why did affection all suddenly end?
If we as lovers no longer must be
Then pray I this cup be taken from me.

We gained not a friend but lost our own souls
Attempting to rid us the smallest of woes!
The chill of the night goes down, down my spine
When lying and mourning him, only to pine.

What have I now but this small pen in my hand?
How will it ever stir change with this man?
We passed on the way and his eyes said it worse–
Our pride will remain our love’s only curse.

We sat together at one summer’s end
And took it to heart that we’d only be friends.
But realized we not how lovers will burn!
For each other with passion we now only yearn.



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