Spring Break

Ahhhhh……spring break is upon us!

All week, the chatter overheard in the hallways of academe has been about the long awaited, much needed break from the demands of academic life. Paris, Rome, London, Nassau (we don’t think they meant New York, either), Florida…..scattered to the four corners of the globe will be the young students with the money to travel. Even the old students with some extra cash seem to be heading out of town. Some of us will stay near the campus, get some exercise, re-stock the sleep bank, catch up on school work, where necessary, and begin to review for the upcoming tests that professors have scheduled for the first week of our return.

Mainly, though, the break will provide an opportunity for this student to reflect on the first semester of the new adventure. Has it been what I expected? It’s been so much more than I expected that it almost defeats my ability to express it in words. The developing relationships with students and professors, the exposure to subjects long forgotten, the re-acquired thirst for knowledge, and the just plain excitement of being on campus…….it’s been an exhilirating 6 weeks that only serves to whet the appetite for more….more….more. I’m beginning to understand why professors teach, and what young, fresh perspectives can bring any subject, no matter how dusty and tired.

No, no vacation needed for this student…I’m already on the trip of a lifetime.


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