Dreaming in Redneck

Loitering in class and talking about the spring break soon to commence, I asked my classmates about their plans for the vacation. Unlike apparently everyone else at my college, none of us had any plans other than going home. V…, who is a second generation Greek (in the real sense), told me that she would be working in her family’s restaurant. I asked about her family, their business, and their “Greekness”, and, being more curious than discrete, asked if she ever dreamed in Greek. For some reason, my question elicited much response from the others, mostly about the ridiculous nature of the question. The class wit, L…..B……, who is much more intelligent than her reticence would indicate, promptly declared that she, being from a small town in our state and speaking no language other than her native tongue, dreams in “redneck”. Her glance in my direction seemed to challenge my opinion of that notion, but this old codger is too old and wise to take that bait….and I made no response. Since that moment, I have been unable to think of any dream without having imposed upon the characters the lovely lilt of a soft South Carolina accent. Dreaming in redneck………


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