The Sunday Before A Monday Test

Halfway through the first semester of what should be a 5 semester ride and I already hate tests on Monday! You know the test is coming, and you know that you should start the review process a week before the test. You know that you have certain other obligations (like a wife, and parents, and those True Friends that everyone has to have), but a mature, responsible adult should be able to handle this. You get out of class at Noon on Friday, so you have plenty of time to get going. But, first, just a quick read of that best-seller that’s been sitting on the coffee table for two weeks, followed by a truly delicious supper with the Wife, who’s been such a trooper about this whole school thing and the pinching of pennies. Can’t deny her a little quality time. Then, there’s all day Saturday…but wait, the yard looks like a prairie, and the weeds in the flower beds are the size of small pines, and the neighbors are starting to look at you a little funny. Then, before you know it, it’s lunch time, and, gosh I’m tired after all that mowing and weeding and raking. Maybe a short nap. What, it’s time to go to that very nice cocktail party for our Dear Friend’s niece’s engagement? Well, then, we’ll get at it good and hard early on Sunday…….right after going to the grocery store for breakfast supplies, and a leisurely read of the paper, and a few cups of that good coffee. What’s that……CBS Sunday morning has a nice piece on? Oh well, just a few minutes. Hey….look at this….the race is on. Just watch a few laps and then get cracking.

10:00 PM…..eyes itching from the giant nuggets of sand, I’m sure the blood vessels are broken in both eyeballs. Yes, I’m very confused about the difference between Confucianism and Daoism, and I can’t seem to memorize those damn Chinese words for sacred duty, and nothingless nothing, and polished jade, or the block of wood. Tranquility and Harmony? Not for me this dreadful night. I wonder if Gilgamesh felt the same fear as I do contemplating the termination of my academic career? Was Moses as nervous as I am when The Lord spoke to him from the burning bush? How will I ever keep this stuff straight, much less write anything that will please my very discerning professor? Make sure the alarm is set for 4:50 AM… to try to jam it all in.

Don’t do this again.


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