An "A" …..Not An "A-"

How can I describe this? Let me start by saying that I did well this semester. I was surprised by the grades in two of my classes, because I thought that I had not done well enough on the final exams to push me to the best grade. But Providence, 100% attendance, participation, and every extra credit opportunity taken seemed to push me over the top. I did, however, earn an A- in a course that I thought I should earn an A. That was a disappointment, and frankly left me feeling that I had not accomplished what I had set out to do.

I stewed for a few days, wondering where I went wrong, and then concluded that I must have really screwed the pooch on the final. Today, I e-mailed my professor. I wanted to know what happened on the final, with the notion that I would learn a lesson about studying for exams.

Lo and Behold……..a data entry error has been made, and the grade earned in the course is, in fact, an A! It will be corrected and will reflect in my transcript in the next few days!

I feel like I just won the lottery, that the hard work, nay, the obsession of the semester has paid off. I am so damn happy I can’t stand it. There is a lesson in this…….never quit trying, and know where you stand.

Can I do it again? That’s the challenge……..


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