Sea Turtles

My wife works for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in an administrative capacity. One of the programs had a spot of bother and she was able to help them through some small logistical crisis. In return, the program folks, who are involved in the Sea Turtle program (link here), named one of their tagged turtles in her honor. The program captures, tags, and releases sea turtles and then tracks their movements for as long as the tracking device transmits location data. “Our” turtle, or to be more precise, “her” turtle, loitered in the coastal waters of Florida near Cape Canaveral for a while, but recently has fled North (like all good seasonal residents of Florida do). The tracking data is here. It is amazing to see the range of these magnificent creatures, and to see the commitment of the people that are trying to preserve the species. They need our support.


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