There really hasn’t been to much to post about in the last few weeks, at least in regard to the college life. The Maymester (firehose) session…..well, enough about that. Lots and lots of writing, which served a very useful purpose, but I don’t think we’ll try that again.

Summer School is a blast. One course; sure, it’s a lot of classroom time, but the professor and my fellow students all seem to want to be there, it feels a lot less formal, and the learning is just as good. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of the work, but the learning skills are restored, and I can catch up if I suffer a lazy day or two.

What’s neat is seeing all the recent high school graduates that are cycling through the two day orientations, with parents and younger siblings along for the ride. I can’t look at them, all young and wide-eyed, trying to appear cool – but still drinking it all in, without wondering what they are thinking.

Yes, it’s a little slow around the campus, but we need the rest before we climb back on the beast in August.


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