Observations from the first few days:

Timing is everything – Last semester (my first), all of my classes were early. That was fine with me, as I got in and got out every day before Noon. But, I now realize, it gave me a distorted sense of the campus scene. This semester, most of my classes are in the middle of the day….and it didn’t take me too long to figure out that today’s college student doesn’t like to get up early. The throng of students took me by surprise, until I figured out the timing thing. I think I like early morning.

Getting what you pay for – Today, the second day of Calculus, the professor was late. After about ten minutes, the murmuring began, and I could hear the question: “How late can he be before we can leave?” To which there seemed to be a variety of opinions. At fifteen minutes, the exodus began, and the classroom very quickly emptied by half. Sure enough, the professor showed up a few minutes later, and we dove into the definition and calculation of limits. What about the half of the class that was absent? Too bad, so sad. Professor @($ acknowledged in our first meeting that he had no attendance policy, except for tests and homework to be turned in, so I guess a goodly proportion of our class will take him at his word.

Now, as a former world record holder for classes cut, I have no ground to stand on. But, I also understand that the only person losing anything when I cut a class was me. I have placed a higher value on me since those dark days, but, apparently, some choose to follow in my footsteps. Maybe things will turn out better for them.

Paying Attention – While waiting for the professor, I overheard a few of my classmates discussing math and their ability to focus. Said one: “If someone can explain it to me while I can focus, I get it. But class is too long, and I just lose my focus. I really study best with Adderall“. Well, I certainly remember Black Beauties from the old days, but I don’t think that’s what she had in mind. Times have changed.


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