Sharp Edges in Life and Mathematics

We have been studying Differentiation in Calculus, and the words of my algebra profesor from the Spring keep ringing in my ears. She said, roughly, that we live in a world of mathematics, and that true students of same look at the world from a mathematical perspective.  She saw linear equations and quadratic functions on her way to and from class. That was not matching up with what I saw, so I knew that I needed to re-train my brain and eyes to look at things differently. Goodbye coeds and hello numerical relationships!

Now that I am living in the world of Calculus, things are indeed changing. Recently, we have been discussing differentiation, and finding derivatives of functions. Neat stuff really, but in beginning to understand what is going on, I realized that calculus doesn’t like sharp points, or holes, of gaps anymore than the real world does. Is anything in life that has a sharp edge not dangerous? Is there any part of our existence where an unexpected hole doesn’t cause pain or damage? Gaps in the road, or the bridge, or gaps in communications…..they all cause problems.

And so it is in calculus. Is life mimicing mathematics, or are we defining mathematical concepts in humanistic terms? I don’t know yet, but I can see that danger lurks everywhere, even in the abstract world of calculation.

Now to overcome those fears……


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