Abducted Hell

Just plumb tuckered after working for about 4 days (no kidding) on a programming assignment. There have been five in this semester and each, naturally, got more difficult as we mastered (?) more skills. Each took more time, too. Most worked by the due date, but a few didn’t.

This last job called for us to write a program that grabbed some text (like a sonnet by Shakespeare, or a novel for the more aggressive), cleaned it up by removing all punctuation and such to make all the words uniform, and then abduct the n most frequently used words in the text(n being a random number used by our professor). Lastly, create a new body of text, without the removed words, and send it out of the program. Tired yet? Bet not as much as me……

The thing is, programming isn’t too hard once you get a few things. The biggest get is the logic of the program you want to create. If you can draw a relatively simple diagram, you can generally find the code to turn the back of the napkin into a finely tuned homework assignment cum elegant code. The process is strangely exciting and pleasing, once the code works. It’s the getting of that logical diagram that turns would-be computer science majors into accountants.

Let me just stipulate, for the record, that the vast majority of my waking life has not been organized with the principles of logic. For years, I flourished as a passionate, mercurial idealist in the world of management. I could sell you into doing my way. No logic necessary. You might say that my life’s experiences have not, in every way, prepared me for this assignment. You might also say that an old dog cannot be taught twice. All I have is determination.

I think it’s enough.


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