Binary People

In celebration of my new status as a programmer and denizen of the computer world, I share with you the t-shirt that I have on order. Consider this the high water mark of the fall semester.

binary-people.jpgGrades are in, and they are nothing to brag about. Calculus, as I feared, managed to outflank us, and we were forced to retreat in disorder. Having regrouped, we are ready to counter-attack, having learnt from the experience. In the immortal words of Pete Townshend, “We won’t be fooled again”. “C” is, however, a wily opponent, and we will have to be prepared and alert at all times.

Astonishingly, my best grade was in computer programming. Between you and me, I think the professor gave me a good grade so that I wouldn’t have to take his class again. We’re, like, brothers now.

After being told by one professor that attendance, effort, and participation would be components of the final grade (and having been close to a better grade), in the end attendance, effort, and participation were not included in the calculation of the final grade. Guess I better not count on subjective evaluations in the future.

Statistically, I did better than most, but worse than some. I prefer the company of some over most.

We’ll get ’em next semester…..

PS…please pardon the inveterate tinkering with the template. With too much time on my hands, I am playing with WordPress. If this site disappears, you will know that I have gone beyond my limited CSS and HTML skills.


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