Widespread Panic – The Flu Version

Here’s a little message from the administration:

The College of Charleston, among other schools in our state, is experiencing widespread cases of seasonal influenza. During the past week, the staff of Student Health Services has seen a dramatic increase in the number of students with flu-like symptoms that include muscle aches, fever and chills, headache, dry cough and weakness. The current wave of influenza illness is expected to last for the next two to three weeks at the present level and will gradually taper off in the following weeks.

This is not new news. My calculus class, full of youngsters living in the dorms, sounds like a tuberculosis ward. Sniffing, sneezing, and, worst of all, the variety of coughs that continue without cease for the entire 50 minutes of class; I have been aware of the ‘epidemic’ for the last week or so.


It’s just another pattern that is slowly becoming more recognizable. Students go home, see other students, stay up too late, don’t take care of themselves, and expose each other to God knows how many different strains of the crud, garden variety colds, et cetera. They then return to the campus, mingle, and voila’, 2 -3 weeks into the term we have another outbreak.

I expect some version will work its way into my system shortly. I just hope that whatever hits me occurs before or after next week, when I have three major tests in two days.

I’m not betting in my favor………


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