Job Prospects

From the Wall Street Journal comes this news:

The number of students enrolling in computer-science programs dropped when the dot-com bubble burst in 2001. You might expect enrollment to shoot back up now that the “Web 2.0” renaissance is minting a new round of techie millionaires.


These guys probably aren’t majoring in computer science

You’d be wrong: The number of students receiving undergraduate computer-science degrees is the lowest it’s been for the last 10 years, according to the Computing Research Association. (It could be longer; that’s as far back as the data released by the CRA goes.)

The CRA’s survey measured undergraduate enrollment and graduation rates at the 190 U.S. universities that offer doctoral-level computer-science programs. The number of new students enrolling in computers-science programs at these schools today is only half of what it was in 2000 — 15,958 then compared to 7,915 now. Not surprisingly, the number of graduates these programs churn out dropped 43% between 2004 and 2007, from around 14,000 then to 8,021 last year…….

Meanwhile businesses keep trying to hire more tech workers. So where are they going to come from? Most likely they’ll come from overseas. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates will testify before Congress next week, where he’s expected to argue that more highly skilled foreign workers should be let into the U.S. Expect him to cite the shrinking enrollment in computer-science program as one of the reasons.

My professors have noted that the enrollment in the department has dropped rather significantly in the past few years……and they attribute some of the drop to the perceived difficulty of the work. Well, it’s hard all right, but the potential salaries for youngsters straight out of school is amazing.

Might not be so bad for an old geezer with the right skill-set, either……..


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