The Devil Himself

From Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, Sixth Edition, by Kenneth Rosen:

Abu Ja’Far Mohammed Ibn Musa al-Khowarizmi (C. 780 – C. 850)

al Khowarizmi, an astronomer and mathematician, was a member of the House of Wisdom, an academy of scientists in Baghdad. The name al-Khowarizmi means “from the town of Kowarzizm,” which was then part of Persia, but is now called Khiva and is part of Uzbekistan. al-Khowarizmi wrote books on mathematics, astronomy, and geography. Western Europeans first learned about algebra from his works. The word algebra comes from al-jabr, part of the title of his book Kitab al-jabr w’al muquabala. The book was translated into images.jpgLatin and was a widely used textbook. His book on the use of Hindu numerals describes procedures for arithmetic operations using these numerals. European authors used a Latin corruption of his name, which later evolved to the word algorithm, to describe the subject of arithmetic with Hindu numerals.

My two most favorite words, algebra and algorithm, from the mind of one man………who knew?


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