The Spy Among Us

Everybody (at least those about my age) can remember stories of espionage that involved some daredevil using a variety of skills to gain access to important information held by the enemy. Cary Grant in Monaco, in a palace, at night……dodging nefarious enemies to steal information for the good guys.

So, today in class, comes a student that I thought had dropped. Hasn’t been around for the last week.


First thing I notice is that he has a digital camera. As the class fills, but before the professor arrives, he turns around and asks the girl sitting behind him if he can look at her notes for the last week. She assents, hands over her notebook, and he proceeds to take pictures of every page. Unbelievable……….

He’s gonna go home, download to his laptop, and save the notes. Then he’s gonna print some hard copies (or not).

How cool is that……….


1 Response to “The Spy Among Us”

  1. 1 Becky March 17, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    you know what is annoying – sitting at a conference while the guy in front of you snaps pictures of every slide the presenters put up – which I guess he then goes home and downloads. I have determined based on being forced to sit behind said annoying man for an entire day that in addition to cell phones being banned, digital cameras need to be banned at conferences.

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