Mathematical Sabbatical

Today was my next to last exam, in Discrete Mathematics (arithmetic on steroids). As I was leaving the classroom (last one out, naturally), the professor, with whom I have developed a nice friendship over the course of two semesters, asked about my plans for the summer. Without a nano-second of thought, I said “mathematical sabbatical”. I am stepping off the math treadmill for at least the summer, and maybe for the fall semester. Three classes in one field this semester have done serious damage to my self-esteem, and have nearly drained my brain’s overworked batteries. Rest, recharge, and and recover.

I\'m on the bottom, that\'s some other poor student above me....

I’m just gonna say no to integration, differentiation, inflection points, the graph of the second derivative, and trig identities. I no longer care about p-values, confidence intervals, various hypotheses and test statistics, not to mention z distributions, t distributions, f distributions, or chi squared deals. So what if I can’t prove that the set of real numbers is infinite, or that boolean logic has the same truth tables as predicate logic. No matter that the universal quantifier for this universe of discourse does not exist. I love Euclid as a person, but hate his algorithm. For me, the greatest common divisor for the summer is going to be how many trips to the beach can I squeeze into the number of free days.

Yes, there is still a whopper of a statistics exam tomorrow, but I like my chances within a certain range of values, which is acceptable to this tired man.

No, for me, the summer will be spent learning Spanish. Ola, senor!

Buenos Noches…..


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