Well, we’re three days into the introductory course for Spanish. I’m taking the advice of one of my advisers, who counseled that I get the language requirement out of the way as soon as possible; for him, therefore me, that meant starting this summer. Given that the school only offers three courses at the introductory level in summer classes, I had to choose between Russian, German, and Spanish. What would you have done in my shoes? I thought so…..

Gone are the quixotic notions of learning some slightly romantic, or relatively obscure, language, being able to converse (?!) with about 2 other people in a 100 mile radius, or, more likely, having to bust my hump to “learn” some language while I am trying to take yet another unbelievably difficult math or computer science course. No Farsi, or Hindu, or Chinese, or even (sob) Latin, which still holds some small fascination for me after a brief exposure 45 years ago. I guess time does heal old wounds…..

No, for me, it’s just Spanish. Which, after these 3 days, looks like it’s going to be plenty challenging. I’ve already memorized about 50 words, and it appears that our professor expects the pace of memorization to pick up as we go along. It’s nose to the grindstone, again, and I’m okay with that.

At least for now, the challenge is not understanding abstract concepts and complex rules/principles. It’s just plain old hard memorization, and, frankly, I welcome the change.

This will be good practice for Biology in the Fall.

Hasta Pronto…..


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