Swear To God

Friends, it is 10:55 PM as I write this. I am studying Spanish, specifically the third person direct object pronoun, and the various rules attendant. One of my homework questions (bear with me):

Using a mix of males and females, think of four well-known people that you either admire, detest, hate, or respect. Jot down their names, and then write how you feel about that person using the following verbs:  admirar  detestar  odiar  respetar

Modelos (example)

Barack Obama: Lo admiro porque es inteligente.

Paris HIlton: La detesto porque es tonta y egoista.

Did you get that? My Spanish textbook just used Barack Obama as an example. Today is June 22, 2008. This book, in its 3rd edition, was published in 2008.

Can I assume the authors of a Spanish textbook think enough of Obama to use him as an example in 2007?



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