The End of Summer (Part I)

The first summer session is over. I have some slight command of the Spanish language, knowing about 200 words, have some rudimentary understanding of grammar, and possess a slight ability to discern words in a conversation if spoken slowly enough. I assume that I passed the first course, based on the e-mail from my professor who wrote that I “did a good exam”, and also based on the fact that, so far, I am still enrolled in the second course that begins Tuesday (that is, I have not received a communication from the school telling me that I can’t take the second course).

The mathematical sabbatical has been a very good idea indeed. The ‘A’ that I expect from the first session will certainly help the GPA regain some of its lost value, and there is a reasonable expectation of a similar result in part 2. Plus, the realization that I can still memorize material relatively quickly is an enormous confidence booster for the expected rigors of Biology that await in the Fall term. The brain still works, if not in an abstract manner.

Staying in the Spanish milieu for this post, here is a representation of how I felt at the end of the Spring semester:

I was being gored, tossed about like a rag doll, and receiving absolutely no respect from any of my courses……..

Today, with an all but certain victory in a class, and another likely to follow, my state of mind can best be expressed with this image:

¡patear el culo y algunos nombres teniendo!

A little confidence is a great thing……….


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