HTML/CSS/XHTML (Behind the Curtain)

As a blogger, the terms above have long been familiar, but never really understood. For sure, as a user of Blogger and TypePad and WordPress I’ve had to learn a tiny bit of HTML just so I could link to the output of other bloggers. But anchor tags were about as technical as I got.

So, this semester’s load includes a class called “Internet Development”, wherein we will learn the details of html, css, xhtml, and a few other goodies like javascript that should make us functional operators and creators of websites.

One of the benefits of WordPress, Blogger, and Typepad is that non-techies (like me) can create professional looking blogs without having to master the technical details. But, like many others, I’m sure, as I have gone along there has developed a yearning for a more individualistic blog. This class will allow me that opportunity.

But, more importantly, peeking behind the curtain serves to demystify the huge world of the internet. One can appreciate the levels of sophistication of design, the simplicity of the structure of html and css, and the foresight of the masters who have created the guidelines for operating in this new world.

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